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Types of Auto Clickers

An auto clicker is a software or macro that automates your mouse clicks. These are some of the applications in which auto clicker can be used.

Minecraft Auto Clicker

Minecraft Auto Clicker

As the title describes itself, a Minecraft Auto Clicker is an undetectable one, which works quite well with the Minecraft game, completing the clicking action with absolute finesse and ease.

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Auto Click MAC

Auto Clicker MAC

Specifically designed to ride through the sophisticated MAC environment, Auto Click MAC is your choice to augment and improvise in order to achieve gaming excellence.

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GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is another great application bot that not only automates the mouse clicking but also records the sequence of clicks on different screen points. Now, since these are memorized..

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Auto Clicker for Roblox

Auto Clicker for Roblox

Make use of specially designed Roblox Auto Clicker to improvise your gaming experience and complete the tasks with ultimate perfection.

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OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker is one of the most efficient Auto Clickers available out there to take your gaming experience to the next level.

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Auto Clicker for Android

Auto Clicker for Android

As the name suggests, these Auto Clickers are Android platform specific and work remarkably well under the given environments

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Info about auto clicker

Here are some of the information about the auto clicker you might be intrested in.

Everything you want to remember about Auto Clicker, before making them a habit.

If you are enjoying a game that uses regular tapping actions, you might have difficulty executing it.

This issue might worsen if you do not have the tapping skills or a good mouse which will register quick taps. It is usually a better idea to automate the entire procedure instead of clicking your mouse button repeatedly.

If you are a fan of idle clicker games on your phone, you can experience similar issues. But the remarkable aspect of Auto Clicker software is its ability to work on any platform with minimum performance overhead.


What does an Auto Clicker do?

Auto Clicker is software that can create a macro of any critical combinations you press into your keyboard and mouse. The software can also easily automate different rates of clicks if that is your primary preference.

The app does the automation with peak precision to make sure you get more options with the actions you want to execute. Auto Clicker is a very simple to use program which can fake mouse and keyboard clicks without any issues.

The program itself looks generic in the UI but gives you many customization options to alter the operation. We also implement some complex features as well which will help you in particular situations for extensive use.

Auto Clicker also reads your random-access memory to find programs that require input and directly change the values of its elements. The program also helps you to automate most programs on your computer or mobile phone with ease.

The application takes control of a copy of your keyboard or mouse configuration, so you can easily use your actual input while Auto Clicker works on your desirable application.

If you are playing an idle clicker on your computer, you can always focus the clicks on different and random locations around a particular area. This randomization will make the clicker feel like the touches are coming from a human user and will not require much effort.

Some idle clickers block the use of Auto Clicker, as there is usually an automatic clicking system in the game itself that acts as a passive power-up. So, randomization of delays and click locations can give you incredible benefits with such games.

How does an Auto Clicker work?

Recording- The program starts by recording your inputs, which you have to enter manually. You can start the recording process from the application itself, which will allow you to enter the set of positions and clicks you want on the application. You can also stop the recording by choosing the square icon or stop text in the UI.

Types of clicks- Auto Clicker can easily fake a set of different click rates with ease. You can implement single, left, right, double, up, and down clicks without any issues. Every button is customizable with Auto Clicker with fluent ease. If your keyboard is full-sized, you can customize alphabetical and numerical keys as a macro as well.

Rate of clicks- You can implement single, double, and triple clicks on any application on any device. Every application has a different working principle, but they share the exact operation of input signals. Your keyboard and mouse send very recognizable signals to your computer every moment, and Auto Clicker mimics those signals to make an application work.

Click delay- You can also alter the delay between every click according to your preference. The wait will be beneficial for fooling a game into thinking the inputs are from a human. You can also randomize every delay to make every piece of information seem even more human. The longer is the streak of randomness between the clicks, the more human it might seem. But there stands a specific limit, which can give away the identity of this Auto Clicker artificial intelligence if crossed.

Is the use of Auto Clicker safe for my computer ?

Yes, using an Auto Clicker is safe for your computer, as it only replicates click in the computer itself and not in-network. You can block the network features of the application, and it will still work fine. This feature shows that the application does not send and receive data online unless it is essential for updates and alterations.

The main risk lies inside the application you use Auto Clicker for, as some games consider using this program as cheating. Any mechanical advantage you gain in a competitive environment is cheating, but they also disregard the harmful effects of repetitive clicking.

Long-term clicking can induce harmful conditions in your body, such as arthritis. Such conditions cause a lot of pain to your joints and hand. So, it is better to use an automatic computing tool that does the job for you quickly and concisely.

Features of Auto Clicker


Intuitive user interface

You will not have any difficulty wading through the user interface of Auto Clicker as the whole software is made to be easy to understand for everyone. All the options and customization aspects are present on the UI, and you can change between them with a single click.


Limitless clicks

We do not pot any limits on how much you get out of our software. You can run the program for as many clicks as you want; it depends upon your preference. None of our features are behind paywalls as well.


Any button, anywhere

You can pick your choice of keyboard or mouse buttons to automate inside the software. Auto Clicker will successfully record the input and repeat it for you.


Not just single clicks

Auto Clicker also allows you to implement double and triple clicks, fitting your convenience successfully. Auto Clicker has double and triple clicks as well, so you should experiment with the options to find what works your taste.


Program your hotkeys

Hotkeys are special buttons that open and close your Auto Clicker menu while working or playing a game. You can program the key to be a combination you do not use for any in-game options.



If you want to skip the hassle of opening the application, again and again, you can enable auto-start inside your OS. Auto-start will activate Auto Clicker as soon as you start the system. This feature will save you many inconveniences, and you will be able to activate the program faster after activating the game.