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An Op auto clicker can help you automate your boring and tedious clicking process and let you save time. You can invest this time in another task while the software does it work. It is extremely helpful and easy to set up, with several people using it. An auto clicker software is extremely useful in tasks where it requires you to do repeated clicking. Some major examples of these are in games, such as Minecraft, where you have to collect materials by frequent clicking or in games where grinding experience comes from clicking. The user can also set up this software manually to do more complex office-based tasks.

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What is OP Auto Clicker?

OP Auto clicker is similar to other auto clicker software and helps the user in automating their clicking process. However, it comes with a variety of different options and offers great flexibility to the user.
What is OP Auto Clicker
It comprises of the ability to customize features such as, click delay (in hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds), mouse button (left/right/middle), click type (single, double, triple-click), click repetition (limited or infinite), cursor position (current location or predefined) and hotkey setup. By using these varieties of settings, you can easily configure the software and get the most out of it. You can set it up for tasks where it requires repeated clicks on the same position. You may also set it to different clicks depending upon what type of input you require.

How does OP Auto Clicker work?

In order for OP Auto clicker to work, you need to download it from the internet and run the application. After opening it, you can set up the various properties of the software. You can set the click delay time, ranging from an hour to milliseconds.
How does OP Auto Clicker work
It depends on the type of operation you are going to do. If you are automating clicks in an online game, you may not want the delay to be extremely small as inhuman click rate may lead you to a ban. Next, you can set the mouse button to be used and the click type. You can set it according to the task you are going to perform. After setting the mouse button, you need to select how many times should the clicks be done or you can set it to infinite, for which you will have to manually stop the software. Lastly, you need to set the position. You can either set it to current cursor location or specific X and Y positions. Once you are done with the settings, you can assign different hotkeys for different functions. To start and stop the clicking process, you can use F6 hotkey.

Uses Of OP Auto Clicker

The OP auto clicker can be used in a variety of way, especially in games which require you to do the same tedious task of clicking to achieve something. Most games require the users to do long grinding sections by repeatedly clicking on the same position or to collect materials as in the case of Minecraft.
Uses Of OP Auto Clicker
With the help of OP auto clicker, you can set the software to do this task for you while you do something else. Office work where you have to decline or accept files by clicking on one specific location can also be automated with the use of OP auto clicker. This can be extremely convenient for people who just have to sit there and click on consignments. And with the use of the various options provided by the auto clicker, you can also customize the application for different application area and not just one.

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Benefits of OP Auto Clicker

Benefits of OP Auto Clicker
OP Auto clicker extends a number of benefits to the users, these are as follows:
  • You can choose whether the software follow your cursor or it just keeps clicking on a fixed spot (X and Y coordinates).
  • You can freely set the amount of clicks, or set it to infinite.
  • You can choose which mouse button to be used for the click.
  • You have the option to select from single clicking, double clicking and triple clicking.
  • You can easily change the hotkeys as per your convenience.
  • Hotkeys will also work while the application is in the background.
  • All the settings are automatically saved, including the last set fixed location.
  • It is free and open source to use.
  • Uses a simple and minimalistic user interface.
  • Consumes very low CPU usage.
  • Portable in nature.
  • No advertisements banners or malware.
  • Totally virus-free.
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