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AutoClicker is free-to-use software that we do not charge a penny for. All the features you find in this program are open and not behind paywalls. We aim to improve the program with the ideas and criticism you provide to us using the feedback system. You can directly send us a private message to our website using the contact system. You will get a writing canvas to type your message and click on the ‘send message’ option. We directly receive every feedback you send using our website, making it easier for us to optimize the program.

Autolclicker.Org on mail

You can directly mail to our email id, which is [email protected]. Email is a very convenient method of reaching out to us, as we are always available online. We will also resolve your query quickly. Mail also allows you to attach screenshots of the issues you face, and they will give us better insight into the situation. We will also use remote desktop manipulation programs to assist you in configuration and issues with downloads. We will also respond to business collaboration opportunities that you come with.

The offices of

The offices of AutoClicker are in the Philippines. If you want to undergo further business discussions and want to meet our competent programmers in person, you can mail us to book an appointment. We will notify you of available free time to allow discussions in peace. We provide reliable development opportunities as well for both computer and mobile devices.

If you plan to search for opportunities with us, you can keep your head up by subscribing to our notifications. We will provide you the latest AutoClicker news along with opportunities for careers in partnership with us. We always put forth wholesome customer and employee treatment to keep everyone happy with our services.