How Auto Clicker Works?

Auto Mouse Clicker works pretty decently on all sorts of games being played on your desktops. However, since the technology developments are always in a state of flux, special attention might be needed in regards to the mouse clicking requirements with the multiplayer games, DirectX as well as when you choose to go full screen. How Auto Clicker Works Based upon the kind of the technology being incorporated in the game of your choice, following strategies in regards to the initialisation of the mouse clicking bot, might help.
  • You can run the Auto Mouse Clicker application from the Administrator login. This will allow the bot application to directly interact with the game running on the desktop via the mouse clicking signals.
  • Once you get Auto Clicker running via Admin login, try to trigger its operations through the designated keyboard shortcut for the mouse clicking.
Why keyboard shortcuts are preferred because they are easiest to program and configure. Hence, depending upon the game that you intend to play, you can easily configure your keyboard keys for initiating and stopping the Auto Mouse Clicker.
  • In a scenario where keyboard shortcut is unable to trigger the Automated bot, try mouse shortcut instead (after removing configured keyboard shortcut).
Mouse shortcuts are differently programmed than the keyboard shortcuts and there is a good chance of these playing up well with the Auto Mouse Clicker.
  • Last but not the least, when nothing else works, work your luck up with the Game Clickers, which are known to initialise the Bots under any condition or gaming environment applicable.
These help you configure a mouse short cut which can be used for the purpose of starting and stopping the bots.

How to use Auto Clicker?

Here at we providing a proper guide about the auto mouse clicker software and its functionality. Normally, each software will prompt you to first record the click points or coordinates where you want the clicks to happen. You need to run the software through where you wish the click to happen. While you do so, the software will record the position of your clicks and display it to you. This functionality is great as not only it allows you to automate clicks for one certain place, but it allows you to set a course of clicks. These can be combined for use in various operations and repeated as many times as possible. It can also be used to automate office work and other kinds of assignment, which only require input by mouse. Secondly, after you have recorded the click points or coordinates, you can start configuring the clicks rates and the number of clicks you want to do in a specific period of time. Some software allows the functionality of custom settings for each set coordinate. Suppose you wish to click at Point A only once, but at Point B you want to click twice, each after a delay of 100ms. This can only be done when you have the freedom of customizing each setting for each different coordinate. You need to select the coordinates and set their click rate delay and the number of clicks needs to be done. You can also assign a hotkey for the process to start, so it is easier for you to start the operation. After doing all of this, you need to select which mouse button will be used for the operation. You can select the left or right mouse button, according to your application of work. Once done with all the settings, you can start the process easily.