How Auto Clicker Works?

AutoClicker is a straightforward software on the surface but can contain several layers of codes depending on the features they allow. The development of technology is always ahead of the standards of AutoClicker.

The program uses fewer computing resources, which saves you a lot of electrical and physical energy. You will not face exhaustion while playing idle clickers, and your body will be safe from the effects of harmful diseases like arthritis.

How Auto Clicker Works

Some applications have good resistance against cheats and automatic clickers, so you might have to provide administrative privileges to make the program work inside your PC. Administrative permissions allow AutoClicker to directly simulate mouse clicks by acquiring a copy of the button set.

You can also put hotkeys that will trigger the functions of AutoClicker whenever you decide to press the button. You should always choose an uncommon key combination to make sure no scripts activate while you are just trying to play the game. Unaware clicking actions can ruin the gameplay immersion, but you can be alert about how mistakes happen.

AutoClicker saves your macro combinations in separate files inside your computer. Each macro has its own save point so that you can modify or delete your collection according to your preference. The application gives complete flexibility and power to you to define how games will react to the bot.

Some games restrict the use of AutoClicker, as using them to gain competitive advantage can be unfair to other players. The best thing to do for such games is to use AutoClicker with limits. Setting limits and randomness between each click set will make the application think that a human is doing the actions. Since AutoClicker offers a lot of scope for personalization, you can easily fool the system if you do your research.

How to use Auto Clicker?

To use AutoClicker, you have to install it on your computer or mobile. The process of installation is pretty simple.

  1. You can visit to find the different device options available. You can click on the device option that you have and download the application.
  2. After downloading, you can double-click on the AutoClicker file to run the installer. You may see a dialog box for administrative privileges, but that feature exists to help you install the application inside the C: drive.
  3. Follow the instructions that the installer presents. You can change the location where the AutoClicker files will install by clicking the suitable dialog box. You can also opt in and out of having a desktop and start menu shortcuts for AutoClicker.
  4. After you complete checking your choices, you can choose the install button. The progression will take a minute or two, relying upon your ram quantity and processor speed. Since the files are small, you do not have to worry about the installer consuming too many resources.
  5. You can now open the AutoClicker by clicking on the desktop shortcut. Alternatively, you can select the start menu shortcuts.
  6. You will now see the different options to modify the behavior of AutoClicker. You will also see a separate screen for recording custom essential recordings. Custom key recordings help you create a macro consisting of variable clicks at many different screen places. The application will also record the clicks from your keyboard to record a combination of keyboard and mouse clicks.